Startup Cemetery

This project means a lot to me. I was going to write some big text about the do's and don'ts of startups, but I guess that's what I am trying to avoid with this project, so I am gonna keep this article/project review very short.

Startup Cemetery: Where startups come to die.

I had this idea when my first startup DeltaSqrd (RIP) was inevitably failing. At that point there is not much left to do but I kept thinking what led the company to that point. I understood that some of the things that I could have done better were not in books and only come with field experience and that made me wish:

I wish there was a place that, when a startup is about to close, they just deposit all their materials. Code, market research, business plans. Anything that they are willing to provide. All open-source to the community.


Backedend - built (including database structure)

Frontend - in progress...

If you would like to work on this project contact me. This is a non profit idea. I am trying to improve the next gen of startups, to be stronger and more resiliant.