Hi, I'm João.

I make stuff - sometimes code and computers, sometimes finance, sometimes both. I like making simple and elegant solutions, for complicated problems. Articles and projects for the curious.

Professionaly (currently)

Monitoring, analytics and security for generative AI applications. Co-founder
👨‍💻 Freelance Consulting
Only taking some projects. Fintech, data transformation and EU markets & regulations.

Personal Projects

✍️ Blog
Things I find interesting. Some might be to you as well.
🪦 Startup Cemetery
Archive/collection of user submited failed startups material. Learn from failed startups
⛓️ Chain of Trust
Methodology for securing secrets
🔑 PRNG & Key Exchange
Everyone has secrets. Now more than ever we need to be good at keeping them private.
💬 Self Sufficient Messaging
Self-sufficient messaging system. Signal+Blockchain